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Essential Oil & Natural Extract Dog Product Sample Set

Essential Oil & Natural Extract Dog Product Sample Set

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Many Essential Oils & Natural Extracts have reputations for properties benefiting health, skin and hair. This range of products uses Essential Oils well known for their benefits and to also give a natural scent to the product without the need for a synthetic fragrance. Each product contains natural oils, Aloe Vera and Wheat Proteins to give high conditioning performance for both the skin and coat.


Sample Set Contents

110ml - Lavender & Chamomile (Relaxing & Calming) 

110ml - Peppermint Shampoo (Purifying & Detoxifying)

110ml - Sweet Orange Shampoo (Puppy)

110ml - Tea Tree Shampoo (Deep Clean) 

110ml - Lavender Grooming Spray (Relaxing & Calming)

30g - Sweet Orange, Frankincense, Lavender, Bergamot & Cederwood Paw Balm (Conditioning)



See each individual product page for the ingredient listings.