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Catnip Play Spray For All Cats

Catnip Play Spray For Encouraging Play (10 x 110ml)

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 Product Summary

Suitability All breads and ages
Dilution Rate Use undiluted
Fragrance Slight Natural Scent 
Colour Colourless
Market This Product As Catnip Play Spray
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Product Description

Catnip Oil is obtained through steam distillation resulting in an Nepeta Cataria Oil rich in Nepetalactone which helps bring a playful state to cats overcoming shyness and bonding owners with their cat. Our product comes in a convenient and easy to use 110ml finger pump pack for one handed use, this formulation is high in natural content at 99% and non addictive making it safe for continued use.


Product Features

Natural content calculated to ISO 16128 = 99%

Contains Natural Catnip Oil

Not addictive

Colour free

Free from animal derived ingredients 



Spray and mist over bedding, toys, teasers and scratch posts as required to encourage playfulness.