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Cakes & Candy Fragranced Coat Sprays Sample Set

Cakes & Candy Fragranced Coat Sprays Sample Set

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The Cakes & Candy range of spritzers are enriched with wheat proteins, natural deodorising ingredient and 5 vitamins delivering to quickly kill bad smells, deliver a nourishing coat conditioning mist with distinctive fragrances.


Sample Set Contents

Each unit is 110ml 

Fluffy Marshmallow Spritzer (Conditioning & Deodorising) 

Candy Cane Spritzer (Deep Clean)

Bakewell Tart Spritzer (Conditioning & Deodorising)

Popping Bubblegum Spritzer (Refreshing)

Blueberry & Vanilla Spritzer (Puppy )



See each individual product page for the ingredient listings.