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About Us

We founded Pet Products Direct in 2019 as a way of using our 21 years of experience creating products to develop a wide range of ready to market products for dog, cat and horse care which individuals and business can buy in small quantities and apply their own label. This makes a  significantly reduced financial commitment needed for stock and we me make it simple to launch or grow your own brand.

Our business is built on four key pillars

1 - High performance formulations

2 - Low minimum order quantities 

3 - Expertise 

4 - Service

These four pillars focus our activity on developing formulations containing ingredients proven to work coupled with great fragrances resulting in products groomers and consumers will enjoy using time and time again. It's important for individuals and business either starting or growing their product range and brand to have flexibility and be able to manage stock, to support this we based our approach to offer low minimum order quantities and short delivery times for all our products. Often the regulatory position of products isn't fully considered or wrongly justified for products. The regulations are clear what constitutes a pesticide, veterinary medicine and pet care products fall under the Classification Labelling & Packaging (CLP) regulation. Claiming a product is a natural flea repellent still classifies the product as a pesticide, claiming a product helps with disease even by natural means still makes the product a veterinary medicine and finally placing a pet product on the market under the EU Cosmetic Directive is incorrect as pet products are not within the scope of this directive as its for humans. Following our guidance in the product sheets gives helps place products in the market in compliance with applicable regulations. These three pillars are what makes us different.