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Private Label Dog Groomer Products

New and established Groomers can benefit from having their own brand of products bringing reduced operating costs, stronger brand identity for their business and the option to retail products to their customers, online and at shows. 

We have a range of Groomer tried and tested products to delivering professional performance and results.

Tear Stain Remover with naturally derived ingredients to gently lift and remove build up from the tear ducts and the coat.

Gentle Face Wash with gentle naturally derived cleansing and conditioning ingredients to remove build up of saliva, food and grime for a clean refreshed coat.

Fast Dry Spray to reduce drying time after washing, simply mist over the wet coat and blow dry. Typically drying time can be reduced by uptown 50%

Condoning & Detangling Spray makes grooming and removing knots and tangles easier form both wet and dry coats. Spray directly onto the coat and brush from the tip to the root to reduce stress on the roots. Leave to naturally dry for a natural shine and conditioned feel.

We can provide all the required regulatory information to ensure your branded products are compliant.

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