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Create Your Own Range Of Dog Care Products Today And We Make It Simple

Creating your own range of pet care products for dogs, cats and horse following the historical route of engaging a formulator to create your formulations through a development process that can take months, a graphic designer to create your logo and product artwork for labels and then faced with high minimum order quantities for each of your products when it comes to manufacture involves a significant amount of time and effort, coordination and financial commitment. 

We have made it simple to launch your own range in a few weeks if not days by offering a range of products with only a minimum order quantity of ten units per product. These arrive with you unlabelled so you only need to design, print and apply your label to the bottle and you are then able to sell your products. 

When placing your products on the market you must be compliant with the regulations which for pet care products is the Classification Labelling Products (CLP) the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) Control Of Pesticides and take notice of what the Veterinary Medicines Directive (VMD) classes as medicinal. If you make claims that your product controls pests such as fleas or ticks then it falls within the BPR and pesticides regulation so will need to be registered with the HSE. If you make claims the product relives illness or treats medical issues then you will need authorisation from the VMD. Being aware of the claims and regulations means you can sell your products without having to carryout expensive registrations. 

So if your are looking to start a business based on products, expand your business into products or sell at shows and online then using our products gives you low stock holding and maximises flexibility to service the demands from your customers.